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Pre-orders Taken for the SNAP Pro Moblie Device POC Vet Diagnostics

IDEXX Laboratories introduces the latest innovation in rapid point-of-care diagnostic testing, the SNAP Pro® Mobile Device, and has begun taking pre-orders in North America with device shipments anticipated by late first quarter, 2014. SNAP Pro is an advanced point-of-care instrument that automatically activates SNAP® tests, captures and saves images of the results and records invoice charges in the patient record. IDEXX SNAP tests are the most trusted point-of-care diagnostics in the industry. Tens of thousands of veterinary professionals worldwide use SNAP tests to help diagnose a broad range of canine and feline diseases including heartworm, tick-borne diseases (Lyme disease, Anaplasma, Ehrlichiosis), pancreatitis, cardiac issues and others. Building on that platform, SNAP Pro leverages the latest in mobile computing technologies, including a smartphone-like footprint, a dynamic touch screen and cloud computing. “The immediate, accurate results provided by SNAP tests are an essential part of everyday diagnostic protocols for tens of thousands of practices worldwide,” said Dana Belisle, Vice President and General Manager, IDEXX Rapid Assay. “Adding the SNAP Pro Mobile Device to established protocols significantly improves practice efficiency by automating the entire SNAP test process.” Belisle continued, “At the touch of a button, SNAP Pro activates a test, times the run and electronically captures an image of the test result, which can then be shared with clients. And equally important, SNAP Pro helps significantly reduce lost invoice charges by automatically capturing the test run in the practice management system.” Highlights of the SNAP Pro Mobile Device:

  • Fast and easy to use. A technician or doctor inserts the SNAP test, and the device automatically activates the test, properly times the run and captures an image of the result. Users can share the results on the SNAP Pro screen or via VetConnect® PLUS.
  • Improves staff efficiency and saves practices money by ensuring all SNAP test runs are captured and entered into the patient record.
  • Populates VetConnect® PLUS with additional diagnostic results and further establishes that platform as the most comprehensive portal to a patient’s diagnostic history.

“The SNAP Pro Mobile Device is an ideal tool for engaging pet owners and an invaluable visual aid when explaining the need for additional diagnostics or when trying to gain client compliance with recommendations,” concluded Belisle. IDEXX is accepting pre-orders for the SNAP Pro Mobile Device, which will be available for shipment later in Q1, 2014. Practices interested in the SNAP Pro can schedule a demonstration and learn more by contacting your IDEXX sales representative or authorized distributor representative.

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Date Published: 2nd December 2013

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