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3rd September 2019  Content supplied by: Romer Labs Diagnostic GmbH

Pre-Moistened Romer Labs® Sponge-Sticks Make Surface Sampling Easy

Your surface monitoring results are only as good as your sample - and your sample is only as good as your sampling tools.

The Romer Labs Sponge-Stick is a compressed cellulose sponge mounted onto a quick-release handle designed specifically for microbial surface sampling in food production facilities. This unique design allows you to release only the sponge into the sample bag after sample collection, eliminating unnecessary parts that can interfere with sample processing.

Other benefits:

  • Proven biocide-free materials
  • Superior bacterial resuscitation
  • Pre-moistened with various different buffers
  • Long shelf life thanks to innovative packaging

Romer Labs sampling tools provide you with confidence in your results and the extra edge in your workflow without increasing your costs.

Learn more about Romer Labs surface sampling solutions.

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Date Published: 3rd September 2019

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