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19th August 2013  Content supplied by: Priorclave

PowerDoor Autoclaves for Small Laboratories with Big Requirements

For laboratories with a requirement to sterilise large bulky items or have a need for high throughput the perfect solution would be a high capacity rectangular chamber autoclave but where there is limited lab space conventional chamber door swing is a problem therefore Priorclave has introduced the RSV range of autoclaves. The big advantage of this rectangular chamber design known as RSV PowerDoors is that the chamber doors lower and rise within the body of the actual machine, eliminating the laboratory space normally required to allow for door swing which is a factor with so many other autoclave designs.

The RSV PowerDoor range is currently available in four standard chamber sizes, a Mid-Capacity range produced in two chamber sizes of 230 and 350 litres and two higher capacity autoclave models with 450 and 700 litre chambers. Push-button controls provide hands-free opening and closing of the vertical sliding door. Although easy access to the chamber is gained using the push-button controls, inherent safety features prevent door opening during sterilising cycles and at high temperatures and pressures.

A design advantage of Priorclave PowerDoor autoclaves is a fixed gasket onto which the door closes. When raised in line with the chamber opening, the door automatically moves forward directly onto the seal to create an air-tight lock. This closure action prevents undue wear on the fixed seal, improving long-term operational performance of these Priorclave autoclaves.

RSV PowerDoor autoclaves are an integral part of a comprehensive range of standard steam sterilisers designed and manufactured by Priorclave from 40 to 700 litres with models including benchtop autoclaves, front and top loading floor standing autoclaves, vacuum autoclave models, double-door models. The company is also able to produce autoclaves designed and built to meet a particular requirement.

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Date Published: 19th August 2013

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