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12th October 2015  Content supplied by: Micronic BV

Polypropylene Sample Storage Tubes Shown to be Extractables-free

Sample storage tubes free from organic extractablesA new technical study from Micronic reports on tests carried out to demonstrate the absence of extractable organic contaminants in their polypropylene sample storage tubes for extractables-free sample storage.

The possibility of extractables being leached out of polypropylene tubes by aqueous or organic solvents is a major concern to many organisations looking to safeguard their valuable stored samples from contamination.

In the tests carried out, samples of Micronic polypropylene sample storage tubes were extracted with 10% absolute ethanol in ultrapure water and the extract was then analysed using highly sensitive GC-FID and GC-MS instrumentation. Results, included in the report, demonstrate a complete absence of organic contaminants in the samples extracted from the Micronic polypropylene sample storage tubes.

Manufactured from only the highest purity virgin polypropylene in a certified Class 7 Clean Room production facility, Micronic sample storage tubes are completely-free of extractible contaminants often found in lower grade storage tubes.  As a consequence the integrity of your stored samples, over even extended periods of time, is assured.

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For further information on polypropylene tubes for high integrity sample storage please visit or contact Micronic Europe on +31-320-277070, Micronic America on +1-484-480-3372, Micronic Asia on +31-320-277099 or email

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Date Published: 12th October 2015

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