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25th October 2016  Content supplied by: INTEGRA Biosciences AG

Pipetting Tips - straight as a plate or as uneven as a mountain range?

Quite often, generic pipette tips on a multichannel pipette resemble a mountain range rather than perfectly aligned tips. The reason for misaligned tips lies in the widespread generic tip cone and tip fitting design as well as in the memory effect of the tip material, which gradually moves back to its original, non-stretched shape. Pipette tips not being perfectly level on a multichannel pipette are very likely to cause issues such as different immersion depths or faulty touch offs of individual tips, leading to negatively impacted pipetting results.

INTEGRA GripTips feature a positive stop, achieved by a shoulder molded into all GripTips plus a corresponding tip fitting found on all INTEGRA EVOLVE, VIAFLO, VOYAGER and VIAFLO 96 / 384 pipettes. This unique design ensures that pipette tips cannot be loaded beyond the positive stop and all tips will be at exactly the same height, thus improving the reproducibility and accuracy of pipetting results. Featuring a low attachment force and a low ejection force, GripTips effortlessly snap onto the tip fittings and are easily ejected. Snap on also means that no “hammering on” technique is required and GripTips will never loosen, leak or fall off.

For further information on the benefits of GripTips please visit  or contact INTEGRA Biosciences in Europe / Asia on +41-81-286-9530 or in North / South America on +1-603-578-5800.



Date Published: 25th October 2016

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