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5th June 2020  Content supplied by: INTEGRA Biosciences AG

Performing an Endotoxin Test Using a rFC Assay and Automated Pipetting Robot

The ENDOZYME® II GO kit was developed by bioMérieux. It includes a novel 96 well microplate (GOPLATE™) pre-loaded with the required Control Standard Endotoxin (CSE) concentrations for a standard curve, as well as Positive Product Controls (PPC).

The ASSIST PLUS pipetting robot provides a solution to minimize hands-on time and further optimize the assay workflow, without the need for dedicated personnel. Automation of the protocol with the ASSIST PLUS helps to prevent pipetting errors and ensures outstanding data reproducibility.

Key benefits

  • The ASSIST PLUS reduces hands-on time for preparing a full 96 well GOPLATE from 10 minutes to less than two minutes.
  • An on-deck heating solution – an INHECO microplate heater – can be placed on the ASSIST PLUS deck in order to further streamline the workflow and increase the throughput by 33 %.
  • Optimal pipette settings, such as fixed pipetting heights, angles and speeds, lead to increased reliability, precision and accuracy.
  • The ASSIST PLUS ensures process security to minimize pipetting errors.

Downloads: Protocols for automated endotoxin testing with ASSIST PLUS -Please click here

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Date Published: 5th June 2020

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