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PCL Alverno Clinical Labs Modernize with Beckman Coulter Solutions

PCL Alverno Clinical Laboratories has awarded Beckman Coulter Diagnostics a new installation agreement. Processing more than 23 million tests per year, and dedicated to improving the quality of patient care, PCL Alverno was recently named a leader in innovation in Indiana and is the largest microbiology lab in the Midwest. PCL Alverno will modernize their laboratories with more than 150 new instruments beginning in 2014, implementing Beckman Coulter’s innovative automation solutions and expertise in workflow processes.

The contract includes a hematology extension of the laboratory network’s current sole source agreement, a new Iris urinalysis agreement, AU chemistry instruments, DxI immunoassay instruments and four automation lines.

Tags: Workflow Optimization

Date Published: March 11, 2014

Source article link: Beckman Coulter Inc. » company contact details
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