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7th December 2023  Content supplied by: EIT International

Pasflo™ 2.0: The Power to Assess Pasteurisation Time Without Halting Production

EIT International has announced the launch of Pasflo™ 2.0, their latest innovation that redefines pasteurisation validation without interrupting your production process.

Giving liquid food processors the power to assess the pasteurisation time within holding tubes or conduits seamlessly, eliminating the need to halt production.

In adherence to global regulatory standards, environmental health departments mandate regular holding time tests to ensure compliance with parameters influencing pasteurisation. Pasflo™ 2.0 addresses this need, focusing on efficiency, accuracy, and environmental responsibility.

Key Features:
Continuous Monitoring:
Pasflo™ 2.0 incorporates a unique sensor/transmitter unit, constituting a thermal system that continuously logs data throughout the test period. This information is then transmitted to a miniature Control Unit, converting it into an easily interpretable format.

User-Friendly Operation: Designed with simplicity in mind, the equipment is user-friendly and can be operated by a single individual. The test is performed from outside the tube, eliminating the need to dismantle any production equipment.

Environmentally Friendly: Pasflo™ 2.0 is environmentally friendly as it requires no consumables. Our electronic sensor-based system contributes to sustainability.

Pasflo™ 2.0 FAQs
Why Validate Holding Times?

To comply with HACCP requirements, it is crucial to identify Critical Control Points (CCPs) within your production plant. Regular validation of pasteurisation holding times has become common practice, ensuring due diligence in the liquid food processing industry.

How Often to Validate Holding Time?
Holding tube times should be validated every six months to detect any variations that may impact product quality. As Pasflo™ 2.0 offers a reliable, non-intrusive testing solution, production facilities can now consider increasing the frequency of testing without adversely impacting production.

Advantages of the Pasflo™ 2.0 method?
Non-intrusive, the testing sensors are placed outside the holding tube, so the potential to introduce contamination is removed. This also means that testing is quicker as there is no dismantling/reassembly. The Pasflo™ 2.0 test results are shown in detailed graphs for ISO-approved organisations.

Safety and Efficiency:
Pasflo™ 2.0 prioritizes safety and efficiency by using lightweight battery-operated electronic sensors, eliminating risks associated with electric shock, chemical contamination, and heavy lifting injuries. The test can be conducted during production, requiring only minutes for successful completion without any downtime.

In short:
Pasflo™ 2.0 is a commitment to revolutionising the pasteurisation validation process for liquid food processors. Allowing a seamless, efficient and environmentally responsible approach to holding time tests and best of all, production doesn’t have to stop.

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Date Published: 7th December 2023

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