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26th June 2023  Content supplied by: BIPEA

Participation in Microbiology Proficiency Testing Schemes Improves Laboratory Sustainability

By participating in proficiency testing schemes, laboratories can identify areas where they may have deficiencies or inconsistencies in their testing methods. Addressing these issues helps to reduce laboratory waste, saves resources, and increases the overall efficiency of laboratory operations. Identifying weaknesses or areas for improvement in the testing processes, optimizes workflow and use of resources plus reducing the risk of errors reduces the need to repeat test.

A PT program or an Interlaboratory Comparison is the organization, execution, and evaluation of measurements or tests carried out on the same or similar item by several laboratories in accordance with predetermined conditions.

These external quality controls enable laboratories to:

  • Evaluate the accuracy of their analytical results
  • Control and improve the performance of their analysis
  • Check the good functioning of their equipment as well as the technical skills of their staff
  • Giving their clients confidence regarding the quality and safety of their products or services
  • Promote their analytical performance to their clients


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Date Published: 26th June 2023

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