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Norovirus is Most Common but Salmonella Costs More

The USDA Economic Research Centre has recently published estimates of the costs of foodborne illnesses in the United States, data is categorised by each organism.

Findings show that although the most common food poisoning organism was Norovirus being the causative agent of 61% of cases reported, Salmonella was the one that had the highest associated costs - medical care, lost wages etc. The total number of cases reported were 8.8 million with total costs estimated to be $15,325 million.

Most Common Food Poisoning Org

Costs of Food Poisoning

There are 15 Excel files detailing disease outcomes for each of the 15 pathogens covered, together with associated costs, technical notes and documentation, and links to associated research projects and publications - you can download the file for each organism at

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Date Published: October 30, 2014

Source article link: USDA Economic Research Centre
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