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2nd July 2019  Content supplied by: ViroStat Inc.

NEW Monoclonal Antibodies to Gardnerella vaginalis

Gardnerella vaginalis is a major species present in bacterial vaginosis. It is a small gram variable, anaerobic coccobacillus. Overgrowth of this bacterium occurs due to an imbalance of normal vaginal flora which can result from prescription antibiotics.

Microscopic evaluation often shows this bacterium associated with epithelial “clue cells”. Treatment with metronidazole or clindamycin is recommended.

ViroStat has just released a set of new monoclonal antibodies to Gardnerella vaginalis. These specific antibodies do not cross react with other agents including Chlamydia, Candida albicans and Neisseria gonorrhoeae. Several of the antibodies function as pairs in ELISA and lateral flow immunoassay for antigen detection.

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Date Published: 2nd July 2019

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