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New Heat2Seal™ Sealed Films for Microplates from Alpha Laboratories

Protect your precious samples with the new range of Heat2Seal™ thermal plate seals now available from Alpha Laboratories.

These high performance heat-sealing films and foils are designed to meet the needs of the modern life sciences laboratory. With a variety of materials available, the range includes products suitable for peeling, piercing, low or high temperature storage and temporary or long-term protection.

Nuclease and DNA free options are included in the Heat2Seal line.

When sealing using heat, films or foils are welded to the microplate to produce a secure and effective seal. Heat sealing can preserve costly reagents and valuable samples, because it creates an airtight and chemically resistant seal, without the complications of using adhesives. Heat sealing protects the well contents from evaporation, condensation, oxidation and cross-contamination during experiments, transport or storage.

The Heat2Seal range also includes porous gas permeable films for sealing polypropylene and polystyrene culture plates. These are ideal for short term incubation, agriculture/seed storage, insect storage and cell culture.

All Heat2Seal products are available in 125mm x 78mm individual sheets, which fit all standard SBS microplates. Seals are also available in roll formats for high throughput applications.

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Date Published: 15th October 2013

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