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7th July 2015  Content supplied by: Advanced Instruments, Inc.

New Ergonomic Anaerobic Jars Maximize Incubator and Lab Space

Advanced Instruments, Inc. have added new ergonomic jars for the Advanced® Anoxomat™ System. The Advanced  Anoxomat is a microprocessor-controlled system for creating anaerobic, microaerophilic, and capnophilic environments in jars. “Our extensive research to help make the jars as effective and useful as possible has paid off,” said Sinderella Abdallah, Advanced Instruments Microbiology Product Manager. “With clinical laboratories under more pressure than ever to quickly and accurately identify bacteria, reduce costs, and operate in limited workspace, we’re happy to offer another efficient version of the Anoxomat anaerobic jars.”

Years of research, design and user testing has allowed the Anoxomat team to create a line of anaerobic jars that are easy to carry, lightweight yet durable, stackable, and easily nestle inside incubators. Anoxomat saves time by reaching anaerobiasis within a matter of minutes, compared to one to four hours for gas bags or chambers.

Anoxomat’s new Ergonomic Jars feature:

  • Nested stacking ─ enabling more jars to fit easily into incubators
  • Unique lid clamp-on system creates secure seal with a simple click
  • Recessed, snap-shut lid coupling ─ easily connects to gas supply
  • Fold-down grip handle for safe, secure, transport
  • Lightweight construction and compact design

Laboratories around the world have been discovering the advantages of Anoxomat over traditional methods of anaerobic bacteria cultivation. Lab managers and technicians have reported that Anoxomat’s fast, easy operation streamlines their workflow, while the built-in quality assurance has helped achieve reliable results.

For more information on the Advanced Instruments’ Anoxomat system, contact Advanced Instruments online at www.aicompanies.com/anaerobic-jar-systems/ergonomic-jars/

When you see our new jars you’ll flip!

Find out why at AACC, July 26-30 2015, Booth #1254. Stop by to see a system demo!

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Date Published: 7th July 2015

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