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20th June 2023  Content supplied by: Biose Industrie

New Collaboration to Revolutionize Bacterial Enumeration Within the Live Biotherapeutic Market

The emerging field of live biotherapeutics faces a number of challenges, especially related to the enumeration of microorganisms. Enumeration of microorganisms is conducted by live biotherapeutic manufacturers to analyze the bacterial composition of their product, throughout the manufacturing journey, for safety and quality purposes.

Traditional approaches to enumerating live biotherapeutic products, such as plate counting and MPN, often pose difficulty and are invariably time-consuming. Through leveraging impedance flow cytometry SBT instruments have developed technologies that greatly reduce the time and difficulty posed by such techniques, allowing for rapid viable cell counts.

In implementing SBT’s technologies within Biose’s manufacturing process, Biose and SBT will create a new industrial standard for enumeration of microorganisms. The implementation of rapid viable cell counts in both process and release testing aims to shorten the journey from clinical trials to market authorization for Biose’s innovative live biotherapeutic companies.

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Date Published: 20th June 2023

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