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16th July 2020  Content supplied by: Neogen Corp.

NEOGEN Launches Advanced Soleris® NG Microbial Testing System 

NEOGEN Corporation has launched an advanced test system that automatically detects microorganisms in a fraction of the time of traditional testing methods.

NEOGEN’s new Soleris® Next Generation (NG) can rapidly detect a wide variety of microorganisms that can threaten the safety and quality of food and other consumer products. For example, Soleris NG can detect and enumerate yeast and mold in a sample in only 48 hours, as compared to the three to five days needed for traditional methods, and detects Alicyclobacillus, a bacterium of particular concern to the fruit juice industry, in only 48 hours, compared to the five days of other methods.  

“Our improved system to detect microorganisms makes it even quicker and easier for our customers to test their products and environment — and even easier to protect their customers,” said John Adent, NEOGEN’s president and chief executive officer. “Our customers can now use a single automated system to screen consumer product and environmental samples for the presence of microorganisms - greatly simplifying that process. This important new system can be used to test for the microorganisms of most concern to the food, nutraceutical, cosmetic and cannabis industries.”

Soleris NG offers all the features, benefits and ease of use of the previous generations of the company’s automated microbial testing system, and adds enhanced hardware and software to make producing, analyzing and auditing test results even easier.

The Soleris NG system provides accurate and rapid microbiological answers in a complete system approach. The system features 32-vial incubating drawers integrated with a secure software package, and each ready-to-use vial rapidly and independently detects the presence or absence of microorganisms.

Soleris NG is currently only available in North American locations. Please contact your local NEOGEN representative for more information.

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Date Published: 16th July 2020

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