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23rd September 2014  Content supplied by: MedMira Inc.,

Multiplex Vertical Flow Tests Include Syphilis, HIV and Hep C

Delivering instant simultaneous results, the MedMira Multiplo range has expanded with the addition of three new multiplex tests that deliver instant, simultaneous, single-cartridge results for syphilis (TP), HIV, and hepatitis C.

The new tests being added to the product range include Multiplo TP/nTP, which detects both active and historic syphilis infections, Multiplo TP/HIV/nTP, and Multiplo TP/HIV/HCV, which simultaneously detects syphilis, HIV and hepatitis C.

The full Multiplo line is now available in international markets with analysis of highly regulated markets, possibly including North America and Europe, underway.

Using rapid vertical flow technology, the new tests all deliver instant results for syphilis infection. Multiplo TP/nTP and Multiplo TP/HIV/nTP take testing a step further, providing comprehensive screening and confirmatory results for both present and past syphilis infections. Detecting the presence of both current and previous infections provides critical information to help healthcare providers in determining the right course of treatment for their patients.

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Date Published: 23rd September 2014

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