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Multi-Channel Peristaltic Pump Saves Bench-Top Space

Maximising available bench-top space is important for many laboratories and a new design of peristaltic pump which provides up to four fluidic channels in a single pump will help technicians to eliminate the clutter of multiple pumps. The Ismatec® Reglo ICC (Independent Channel Control) peristaltic pump expands the power of laboratory and life-science pumping by providing individual control of each fluidic channel as well as allowing users to solve application complexity in a single pump.

Available in the UK from MICHAEL SMITH ENGINNERS the Reglo ICC pump enables continuous pumping or precision dispensing, in one, two, three, or four channels combined with the flexibility of bi-directional flow in each channel. Most importantly, independent channel calibration minimises the tube-to-tube differences and this results in optimum accuracy for a multi-channel peristaltic pump. Easy-to-use tubing cassettes also provides for quick, convenient changeovers.

The Reglo ICC pump is self-priming, not sensitive to dry-running and can handle flow rates from of 0.002 up to 35 ml/min and differential pressures up to 1 bar, while an easy-to-use USB interface means connections can be made quickly.

Date Published: October 2, 2014

Source article link: Michael Smith Engineers
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