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27th March 2023  Content supplied by: Puritan Medical Products Company

Monkeypox? Another Emerging Virus? A Reliable Test Device Will Tell

When Mpox is suspected, swabbing the patient’s lesion will collect the specimen needed for a confirmatory diagnosis. Many other infectious diseases can be identified by the familiar dry swab collection method with a synthetic tip swab.

  • Spun polyester swabs have long been relied upon for specimen collection. This material collects and releases well. It is available in dry sterile wrap or dry transport tube. 25-806 1PD, 26-806 1PD BT.
  • If specimen collection with transport medium is indicated, choose Puritan’s UniTranz-RT®. This transport media device protects the viral specimen for transport to the lab. See the package insert here, then consider Puritan’s UT-106, 1ml transport medium packed with the flock swab 25-3406-U.
  • For a broad range of specimen collection situations, a dry flock swab is chosen. See Puritan’s 25-3606-U as an example. This swab, available in a range of sizes and configurations, collects an ample specimen and releases efficiently for reliable results. Also available in dry transport tube.

See more at www.puritanmedproducts.com where you can download product information and studies, request a sample, or connect with a product specialist. Alternatively, use the 'green' Request Information button below to contact the company directly. Puritan products are made in the USA.

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Date Published: 27th March 2023

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