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26th May 2015  Content supplied by: Venn Life Sciences Holdings Plc

Microbiology Services For Developing New Skincare Products Uses Labskin

Venn Life Sciences, a growing Clinical Research Organisation (CRO) providing clinical trial management and resourcing solutions to pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device clients, have announced that Innovenn, the skin science division of Venn, has expanded its service offering with the addition of Microbiology and Histology services.

Innovenn offers clients in the cosmetic, personal care, medical device and pharmaceutical sectors tailor-made research programmes to develop skincare ingredients and products. The new services include the antimicrobial profiling of ingredients, investigation of pro and prebiotic effects on natural microflora and the quantitative microbiology of the skin. Innovenn’s renowned team of experts carry out research using their leading human skin equivalent, Labskin, which allows for the direct testing of topical materials and formulations on a living skin surface.

The Company’s Skin Histology laboratory provides services dedicated to cutaneous biology, including sample processing, imaging and evaluation.  It is tightly integrated with the LabSkin in vitro skin model production and testing facility, enabling customers to conduct animal-free assessments of their ingredients and products for multiple parameters including irritation, penetration, UV damage, and antimicrobial activity.

Innovenn has also recently expanded its workforce to deal with increasing international demand for their research and development services and the production of Labskin.



Date Published: 26th May 2015

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