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25th February 2013  Content supplied by: 

Microbiologics Recognized for Exportation Achievements

On Monday, February 18, 2013, United States Senator, Amy Klobuchar, visited the Microbiologics corporate headquarters in Saint Cloud, Minnesota to present the company with an Export Achievement Certificate from the United States Department of Commerce.

Microbiologics manufactures biological reference materials that are used for quality control testing in a variety of industries including, food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, clinical and water. Brad Goskowicz, Chief Executive Officer of Microbiologics, commented, "We at Microbiologics feel very proud of this national recognition which will help us promote the Microbiologics brand and our mission of 'A safer, healthier world' within our Saint Cloud community, the State of Minnesota, the United States, and globally." Goskowicz added, "This achievement is a direct result of all of our great efforts in expanding Microbiologics' distribution to 140 countries worldwide."

During her visit Senator Klobuchar touted Microbiologics as a shining example of Minnesota's export sector, stating, "It's one of the major reasons that we've kept our heads above water during the downturn - that we are willing to look beyond our borders," Klobuchar said. "When you look at our success, it's about companies like this."

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Date Published: 25th February 2013

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