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2nd July 2024  Content supplied by: Microbiologics, Inc.

The Perfect Pairing for Growth Promotion Testing

Lights, camera, action! Just like movies and popcorn, EZ-Accu Shot™ and Custom Environmental Isolate Controls from Microbiologics make the perfect pairing. Say hello to your lab’s dream team for simple, reliable Growth Promotion Testing! From specified microorganisms to environmental isolates, Microbiologics has you covered for a comprehensive QC program.

Managing reference strains and performing culture media GPT can significantly drain a laboratory's time and resources. With the additional challenge of incorporating environmental isolates and objectionable microorganisms, laboratories face a growing strain on their operations. EZ-Accu Shot™ and Custom Environmental Isolate Controls provide an efficient solution, reclaiming control for overburdened labs and streamlining GPT.

Simplified Growth Promotion Testing
EZ-Accu Shot™ and Custom Environmental Isolate Controls are lyophilized microorganism pellets that deliver 10-100 CFU per 0.1 ml of hydrated suspension with no further preparation required. These products can be conveniently stored at 2°-8°C, eliminating the need for freezing and making them readily accessible.

EZ-Accu Shot™ includes over 40 common reference strains, all derived from leading culture collections and kept to three passages or fewer from the original culture. This ensures their consistency and reliability for GPT.

Custom Environmental Isolate Controls are made with isolates recovered from a facility's environment, utility systems, or microbial assays. Laboratories send their in-house isolates to Microbiologics, where they are manufactured into custom EZ-Accu Shot™ controls.

Benefits of the Perfect Pairing
Using both specified and environmental strains for culture media challenge testing helps minimize the risk of not detecting harmful pathogens. Utilizing Microbiologics test-ready, pre-enumerated microbial controls simplifies processes and reduces the potential for errors. They allow laboratories to streamline workflows and free up critical resources by requiring zero preparation, zero maintenance, and no freezing storage.

Standardizing microbial controls for all GPT challenges optimizes efficiency and consistency. This unified approach reduces the number of validations needed and makes audits smoother, contributing to overall operational efficiency.

Designed for Pharmacopeia Methods
Microbiologics ready-to-use microbial controls are designed to help laboratories meet the stringent requirements of various pharmacopeias, including the United States Pharmacopeia (USP), European Pharmacopoeia (Ph. Eur.), and Japanese Pharmacopoeia (JP). They support compliance with guidelines for aseptic processing environments, disinfectant qualification, growth promotion testing, suitability testing, validation of neutralization methods, and water for pharmaceutical purposes.

United States Pharmacopeia (USP)

  • Aseptic Processing Environment – USP <1116>
  • Disinfectant Qualification – USP <1072>
  • Growth Promotion Testing – USP <61> | USP <62> | USP <71>
  • Suitability Testing – USP <51> | USP <61> | USP <62> | USP <71>
  • Validation of Neutralization Methods – USP <1227>
  • Water for Pharmaceutical Purposes – USP <1231>

European Pharmacopoeia (Ph. Eur.)

  • Growth Promotion Testing – Ph. Eur. 2.6.1 | 2.6.12 | 2.6.13
  • Suitability Testing – Ph. Eur. 2.6.1 | 2.6.12 | 2.6.13 | 5.1.3

Japanese Pharmacopoeia (JP)

  • Growth Promotion Testing – JP 4.05, I.3 | 4.05, II.2 | 4.06, III.02
  • Suitability Testing – JP 4.05, I.3 | 4.05, II.2 | 4.06, III.02


EZ-Accu Shot™ and Custom Environmental Isolate Controls from Microbiologics are the perfect pairing for your Growth Promotion Testing needs. Like the classic duo of movies and popcorn, these products complement each other to provide an effective, streamlined solution for microbiological laboratories. Don't wait any longer! Elevate your microbiological QC today with the Perfect Pairing for Growth Promotion Testing.

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Date Published: 2nd July 2024

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