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28th August 2020  Content supplied by: Hygiena International Ltd

Microbial Solutions for the Dairy, Beverage, and Food Industries

The food industry continuously develops products and processes them at an ever-increasing pace.

Ready-to-eat products with a fresher taste and extended shelf life now require higher standards of quality assurance. Leaner manufacturing, shorter supply chains, and reduced storage costs demand rapid positive release. So what detection methods are most suitable for rapid microbial quality assurance?

Aseptic dairy and beverage products have historically relied on traditional plating methods that are slow, labour intensive, generate low throughput, and give low statistical confidence. Over the past 30 years, a quiet revolution has proven the benefits of bioluminescence technology, which detects actively growing organisms in the products. Hygiena’s model is fast, sensitive, and complete with automated high sample throughput that generates a significant cost saving for the manufacturer.

Hygiena’s Innovate System has the ability to test multiple product matrices at the same time, generating 96 individual sample results in less than 30 minutes. The Innovate’s flexible, easy-to-use protocol can test a variety of products, ranging from puddings, ice cream mixes, juices, alternative milk products, and everything in between. Our flexible protocol is backed by our global technical support, applications development and validation teams, and distributor network,  ensuring prompt reliable response to maintain critical operations.

Learn more about Hygiena’s Innovate System:

Hygiena Innovate Machine

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Date Published: 28th August 2020

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