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11th October 2022  Content supplied by: MBS SRL

MBS-HACCP&WATER Easy Test - A Lab in a Vial

The MBS-HACCP & WATER Easy test is an easy to set up and read automated system for the microbiological analysis of many different samples such as food, water (any type), soil etc.

It can be used with most types of samples such as solid , liquid, semi soild, food, water, cosmetics, marine etc. normally with no dilution required. After sample addition the vials are placed in a temperature controlled incubator or in a MBS-MultiReader device.

Any microorganisms present in the sample will grow and cause the media in the vial to change colour: the higher the microbial load, the faster the colour change will occur, the absence of any colour change indicates no microbial growth.

With a sensitivity of 1 CFU/ ml or 1 CFU/ gm. rapid results , total process control via software, incubation is possible as per regulations for bacteria. Vials are disposed of as normal after analysis.

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Date Published: 11th October 2022

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