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9th May 2022  Content supplied by: PCR Biosystems

Make the Most of Your cDNA Synthesis With the New Tips & Tricks Series From PCR Biosystems

Good quality cDNA is key to reliable experiments, no matter whether your focus is 2-step RT-qPCR, NGS or cDNA library preparation, or full length transcript cloning. Although reverse transcription is a simple and, in most cases, straightforward protocol it can also pose significant challenges. Considering that cDNA synthesis is usually the first step in a series of many costly and time-consuming downstream protocols, it’s critical you get it right every time. That’s why we've put together a set of tips to help you get the most from your reverse transcription reactions and give your experiments the best start for reliable and reproducible results.  

You’ll find a summary of all key steps during reverse transcription, including: template preparation, elimination of contaminating DNA, choosing the best reverse transcriptase and priming strategy to match your final use of the resulting cDNA, and how to optimise reaction conditions for different needs. We also provide some optional quality control steps you can take to ensure your cDNA is ready to use in another protocol.

Download our Tips & Tricks and don't let inefficient cDNA synthesis become the stumbling block to your research success.

If you’re looking for top quality reverse transcription enzymes and kits, check out our range of cDNA synthesis related products or click on the Request Information button below.

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Date Published: 9th May 2022

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