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M.I.C.Evaluators (M.I.C.E.) Simple, Convenient Method for Accurate MIC Values

Thermo Scientific has launched the improved M.I.C.Evaluator™ (M.I.C.E.™) strips, a product range for the accurate determination of minimum inhibitory concentration (MIC) values. The new distinctive gradient format of M.I.C.E. strips provides an excellent contrast with agar and the increased font size makes reading easier.

M.I.C.E. strips combine the simplicity and ease of use of the diffusion method with the accuracy of an MIC test, to provide important information for the treatment of critically ill patients.

M.I.C.E. strips carry a stabilised antimicrobial, covering 15 doubling dilutions, on a convenient polymer strip. The thickness of the M.I.C.E. strip makes it easy to handle as it is applied to a pre-inoculated agar plate. Upon application, the antimicrobial is released from the M.I.C.E. strip, forming a defined concentration gradient in the surrounding agar. After an appropriate incubation, a lawn of growth develops with a clear zone around the M.I.C.E. strip where the concentration gradient in the medium has been sufficient to cause inhibition. The MIC is easily read where the growth of the organism touches the strip.

Dr Gunnar Kahlmeter, Department of Clinical Microbiology, Central Hospital, Växjö, Sweden, one of the international product triallists, said:“We have completed extensive trials using the Thermo Scientific M.I.C.E. strips compared to gold standard Iso-Sensitest agar dilution techniques. The M.I.C.E. strips proved easy to handle in the laboratory, giving a good MIC correlation against the reference method when tested with a wide range of clinical and culture collection isolates. The single strip packaging should be especially suitable for routine clinical microbiological practice where the exact number of strips can easily be removed as required”.

Amanda Appleton, clinical applications manager, Thermo Scientific, comments, “An accurate MIC value can be extremely important in guiding appropriate antimicrobial therapy and can significantly improve patient management. This value can now be obtained easily, quickly and with great precision using M.I.C.Evaluator strips, without the need to invest in additional, complicated equipment”.

Individually foil wrapped with desiccant to maintain its integrity until use, M.I.C.E. strips minimise wastage and are available in stackable boxes of 10 and 50 strips. M.I.C.E. strips are available for a wide selection of antibiotics at a concentration range of 0.015µg/ml - 256µg/ml. Specialist high and low level concentration strips are also available.

Tags: Antibiotic Sensitivity

Date Published: May 30, 2008
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