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7th August 2023  Product update: rapidmicrobiology staff writer

LuminUltra Launches BugCount® Fuel, a Revolutionary Microbial Test for Fuels

LuminUltra have launched BugCount® Fuel, an innovative, user-friendly test kit to quickly and accurately evaluate fuels for microbial contamination which can cause significant challenges for a range of industries including aviation, marine, and fuel handling.

Microbiological testing of fuel is critical for identifying and getting ahead of issues that lead to compromised performance, including clogged filters, worn injectors, fuel tank lining (pitting) corrosion, and even engine failure. The need for effective, fast microbiological testing solutions in industries including aviation is quickly increasing in the wake of growing passenger and freight transport demand, increased recreational travel, and a widespread adoption of green initiatives, such as sustainable aviation fuel (SAF).

We’ve heard from our partners in the industry that it’s more critical than ever for them to perform regular microbial testing on fuels, and to be able to get accurate, reliable results as quickly as possible” says Dr. Jordan Schmidt, Senior Director of Technology & Innovation at LuminUltra.

All of this fed into the development of BugCount® Fuel – filling that gap with a test that can be operated under-wing, providing results in minutes and with the accuracy needed to produce truly actionable results. Also, our in-house experts are available and keen to help in assessing the risk of microbial growth in fuels as this market continues to evolve.

A Powerful New Application of a Proven Technology
LuminUltra’s patented 2nd Generation ATP® kit has been a gamechanger for microbial testing for industry since it was first introduced in 2003. Originally designed for bioreactor optimization and now used across a range of industrial applications, it combines the speed of ATP testing – results are returned in just 5 minutes – with modifications that make the test significantly more accurate and sensitive than traditional ATP tests. LuminUltra’s 2nd Generation ATP® is the only tool that allows the end user to quickly perform the test and compare the results across testing events, allowing long-term trend analysis and, ultimately, informed decision-making.

BugCount® Fuel leverages this 2nd Generation ATP® technology in an industry-specific test kit, enabling the user to operate the entire test on-site in just minutes. All required components are included and designed for use with minimal training or expertise.

The product has already been successfully implemented in both commercial and general aviation applications, and this new kit is a series of improvements on an existing test kit that has been used in these markets for years. It allows for testing in accordance with ASTM D7687 and is referenced in the latest 6th Edition of the IATA Guidance Material on Microbial Contamination in Aircraft Fuel Tanks.

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Date Published: 7th August 2023

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