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11th March 2013  Content supplied by: Luminultra

LuminUltra Integrated Solution For Biological Monitoring and Control

LuminUltra has expanded its portfolio of advanced microbiological control solutions to include the PhotonMaster™ luminometer and LumiCalc™ software for collaborative data analysis. These two cutting-edge products have been engineered and optimized to work with 2nd Generation ATP technology so that users can now mine their data in record time to determine the true state of their process!

The PhotonMaster is a purpose-built and low-cost USB-operated luminometer specifically engineered and optimized for on-the-spot microbial testing in the municipal, industrial, manufacturing and energy sectors.

LumiCalc serves as the ideal compliment to the PhotonMaster and is designed to help you render maximum value from the ever increasing mass of data that you face everyday. Not only does LumiCalc process ATP data, it is equally capable of incorporating your other process data to instantly reveal process trends and correlations. In addition to effortlessly generating graphs and reporting results, LumiCalc is also equipped with powerful statistical functionality to reveal correlations and establish cause and effect relationships at the touch of a button!



Date Published: 11th March 2013

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