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23rd July 2014  Content supplied by: Lonza Group Ltd.

New Endotoxin Technical Showcase Page on LinkedIn®.

Lonza QC Testing Solutions have a new technical showcase page on LinkedIn®. As an extension of Lonza’s company page, the QC Testing Solutions showcase page offers curated content for QC Testing professionals to help them overcome challenges they face in a regulated environment.

Interested QC professionals will be able to stay up to date on the most relevant QC topics by following

"By sharing our endotoxin detection knowledge and expertise through LinkedIn we can get closer to our customers, understand their needs and offer solutions to help make their QC testing processes more efficient," Katrin Hoeck, Head of Marketing, Cell Analysis and Testing, Lonza Pharma – Bioscience Solutions, explained. Hoeck invites followers to regularly engage and submit their topics of interest via the new QC Testing Solutions showcase page.

Lonza is aware of the importance of the horseshoe crab for its contribution to the safety of drugs and medical devices but also its ecological role. For each new QC Testing Solutions LinkedIn follower, Lonza donates to ERDG, the Ecological Research and Development Group, a non-profit wildlife organization whose primary focus is the conservation of the world’s four horseshoe crab species.

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Date Published: 23rd July 2014

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