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20th March 2018  Content supplied by: LabVantage Solutions

LIMS Solutions Specifically Built for Pharma, Food and Diagnostics

LabVantage Solutions provides packaged LIMS solutions that are built better to allow labs to go live faster and at a lower cost than using a traditional implementation approach.

LabVantage packaged solutions bundle industry specific software along with unique features tailored to meet the specific needs of customers working in the pharmaceutical, food & beverage, oil & gas, and diagnostics industries. LabVantage customers save as much as 85% of the implementation costs compared to a standard approach.

All LabVantage LIMS systems share certain core configurations needed by most labs. A LIMS packaged solution goes beyond that by acting as an “accelerator” with additional industry-specific functionalities that can enhance the ease of use, adaptability, and flexibility of the system for use in a specific industry sector. At a minimum, these accelerators include user requirement documentation, a pre-configured LIMS that meets a target lab’s business needs, and a set of packaged services and training to deploy the LIMS quickly and at a lower cost. Some of the packaged solutions also include additional deliverables, including industry-specific master data and fully executed validation documentation.

Each packaged solution is pre-configured to meet its targeted industry needs. The following are a few key features of each industry-targeted package:

LabVantage Pharma

  • Intended for highly regulated labs that require validation based on GAMP 5
  • Provides complete pre-executed validation to match the delivered LIMS
  • Includes USP master data method templates

LabVantage Food & Beverage

  • Intended to automate full lifecycle of F&B QA/QC labs
  • Incubation testing
  • Microbial testing
  • Sample compositing

LabVantage Oil & Gas

  • Intended for chemical and refining support labs
  • Safety data sheets
  • Hazards handling
  • Statistical control charts

LabVantage Diagnostics

  • Intended for clinical and molecular diagnostic service testing labs
  • Diagnostic request processing
  • Pricing and invoicing
  • Medical Director diagnosis and sign-off

All LabVantage packaged solutions include software, services, and training delivered at a fixed price. Services include master data creation and site process mapping.

“We understand what you do, and our packaged solutions reflect that. Our customers have come to trust and appreciate this approach and have realized the cost, time, and risk benefits of a pre-configured, industry-tailored LIMS,” says Ram Velidi, President at LabVantage Solutions. “Whether you are working in pharma, food & beverage, oil & gas, or diagnostics, we deliver solutions that solve your needs. Scientists and lab managers understand the value and importance of an enterprise LIMS system with optimized functionality. LabVantage packaged solutions are an economical, smart choice that can reduce risk, costs, and implementation time.”



Date Published: 20th March 2018

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