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16th May 2023  Content supplied by: BioPerfectus

Let’s Fight Against Tick-Borne Diseases With BioPerfectus RT-PCR Kits!

At present, tick-borne diseases are not only widely spread in Africa and Southeast Asia, but also becoming an increasing health burden in Europe.

This may be caused by various factors, possibly due to the increasing heat of summer in Europe and the increasing number of insects. Tick-borne Encephalitis is a brain disease mainly transmitted by tick bites. According to the CDC report, the condition is severe, including encephalitis or meningitis.

The period from April to November is the most active season for ticks in many regions of the world. Recently, the UK government has also suggested strengthening surveillance to detect any further cases promptly. A series of Real-Time PCR kits of BioPerfectus can provide early and rapid identification and diagnosis of Tick-borne encephalitis, Crimean Congo Hemorrhagic Fever, Lyme disease, and other diseases transmitted by ticks as vectors, allowing for earlier treatment.

Currently, BioPerfectus products related to tick-borne diseases include:

  • Tick-borne Encephalitis Virus Real-Time PCR Kit
  • Crimean-Congo Hemorrhagic Fever Virus PCR Kit
  • Severe Fever with Thrombocytopenia Syndrome Virus Real-Time PCR Kit
  • Anaplasma Phagocytophilum Real-Time PCR Kit
  • Bartonella Real-Time PCR Kit
  • Borrelia Burgdorferi Real-Time PCR Kit
  • Coxiella Burnetii Real-Time PCR Kit
  • Francisella Tularensis Real-Time PCR Kit
  • Ehrlichia Real-Time PCR Kit (RUO)
  • Heilongjiang Rickettsia Real-Time PCR Kit (RUO)


These products are all based on the Real-Time PCR strategy. The Internal Control ensures the whole process is reliable, and has no cross-reactivity with other common pathways.

BioPerfectus is committed to supporting the prevention and control of the spread of infectious diseases by providing Total PCR Solutions including instruments and reagents. Let’s fight against tick-borne diseases with BioPerfectus Real-Time PCR Kit!

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Date Published: 16th May 2023

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