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18th July 2016  Content supplied by: Labplas Inc.

It’s Blue! It’s New! Sampling Products for the Food Industry

Blue sampling products for food industry

Visit us at the IAFP booth 1226 and discover all of our sampling solutions!

Labplas will be introducing at the IAFP 2016 a new line of products specifically intended for sample collection in the food industry. In food factories monitoring of food samples and the environment requires sterile equipment and must be done meticulously to avoid contamination of the sample and also possible introduction of foreign matter. To help achieve this therefore the Twirl’Blue sterile bags are highly visible in order to conform to due diligence and avoid possible product recalls.

Twirl’Blue Sterile Sampling Bags

  • Blue color tear-off for increased visibility
  • Distinct color to avoid possible cross-contaminations
  • Clear visual recognition so can be used to segregate samples from different areas within the factory environment

Accessories to the line!

Sterile Blue Gloves

  • Made out of polyethylene
  • Gamma sterilized
  • Packaging: 1 box of 50 pairs of gloves (wrapped in pairs)

Detectable Retractable Blue Clip Pens

  • Ideal for use in ambient working temperatures and a clean environment, or where a one piece pen is stipulated.
  • Made with Polymer FDA approved material
  • Metal Detectable & X-Ray Visible
  • Triangular cross section for a comfy yet sturdy grip




Date Published: 18th July 2016

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