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17th April 2018  Content supplied by: International Society for Pharmaceutical Engineering (ISPE)

ISPE Guide to Sterile Product Manufacturing Facilities (Third Edition)

The International Society for Pharmaceutical Engineering (ISPE) have released their latest guide, ISPE Baseline® Guide: Sterile Product Manufacturing Facilities (Third Edition). This publication provides guidance on engineering facets of designing new sterile products manufacturing facilities and modifications of existing facilities.

“Understanding regulatory compliance is a challenging feat, one that can impact technological advancement and increase operational costs,” said John Bournas, ISPE CEO and President.“ This guide aims to offer a consistent interpretation of the latest FDA and EMA guidance, while allowing a flexible and innovative approach to facility design.”

The ISPE Baseline® Guide: Sterile Product Manufacturing Facilities (Third Edition) focuses on best practices for an approach that is effective, cost-efficient, and in compliance with the latest FDA and European Medicines Agency (EMA) guidance. The guide is based on key principles, including:

  • The need to understand product and process requirements
  • Use of risk-based approaches
  • Role of barrier and isolator technology
  • Use of consistent terminology for classified environments
  • Categories for processing (open versus closed)
  • An integrated facility design approach

Updates to this new edition include:

  • Global facility design approach with examples of RABS, full isolator, and BFS recommended layouts
  • Harmonized area classifications
  • Additional details about local protection/Grade A air supply and particulate monitoring

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Date Published: 17th April 2018

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