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9th February 2023  Content supplied by: Bio-Rad Laboratories

iQ-Check Kits Receive AOAC & AFNOR Validation for Use With the CFX Opus Deepwell Real-Time PCR System 

Bio-Rad has announced that AOAC INTERNATIONAL and AFNOR have approved the CFX Opus Deepwell Real-Time PCR System for use with Bio-Rad iQ-Check Real-Time PCR Kits. 

AOAC INTERNATIONAL has approved the thermal cycler for use with all iQ-Check kits. To obtain approval, a validation study was performed, as part of the AOAC Performance Tested Methods Program, that demonstrated no differences in results between the iQ-Check and reference methods. 

AFNOR has approved the instrument for use with the iQ-Check Salmonella spp., Listeria spp., L. monocytogenes, E. coli O157:H7, and Cronobacter spp. PCR Kits. The validation follows the ISO 16140-2:2016 standard and AFNOR technical rules. 

The CFX Opus Deepwell Real-Time PCR System offers a modern user experience with flexible connectivity options, high-performance thermal uniformity, and cloud connection capabilities while maintaining the same performance standards customers have come to trust. The certificates are available at

For more information on Bio-Rad’s complete range of iQ-Check real-time PCR test kits, click here or use the green "Request Information" button below to ask for details.

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Date Published: 9th February 2023

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