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26th July 2019  Content supplied by: Romer Labs Diagnostic GmbH

Introducing the AgraStrip® Coconut Test Kit from Romer Labs®

Romer Labs is once again expanding its AgraStrip® Allergen testing portfolio, the largest commercially available line of rapid test kits for allergens. The AgraStrip® Coconut kit detects coconut in foods, beverages and rinse waters and on surfaces at an LOD of 10 ppm. All AgraStrip® allergen test kits share the same extraction procedure, ensuring a convenient and streamlined workflow.

Learn more about the AgraStrip® Coconut test kit.

Featuring an industry-leading LOD of 10 ppm for coconut in food matrices, beverages and rinse waters, the AgraStrip® Coconut test kit brings a much-needed solution to food producers looking either to prevent coconut contamination or to inform their consumers with accurate labeling regarding coconut content. These sensitive, immunochromatographic LFDs are designed for the detection of coconut residues in foods and beverages and for the validation and monitoring of cleaning procedures by testing rinse waters and environmental swab samples.

Other benefits of the AgraStrip® Coconut test kit:

  • Same extraction procedure as with all other AgraStrip® Allergen kits
  • Simple procedure with ready-to-use components
  • Designed for on-site testing
  • LOD of 10 ppm coconut
  • 11-minute test time including extraction
  • 12-month shelf life at room temperature

Learn more about the AgraStrip® Coconut test kit.


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Date Published: 26th July 2019

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