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9th December 2022  Content supplied by: INTEGRA Biosciences AG

INTEGRA’s Latest Video Presents GRIPTIP Pipette Tips In Action

INTEGRA’s latest video presents GRIPTIP pipette tips in action

INTEGRA Biosciences has launched a new video showcasing GRIPTIP pipette tips, highlighting the key features that guarantee tips never loosen, leak or fall off. Watch GRIPTIPS in action to learn how their reliable seal ensures precise pipetting results for handheld and benchtop pipetting systems.

The GRIPTIPS range of high quality pipette tips – available in 0.5 microliter up to 5 milliliter volumes – are meticulously produced by expert manufacturers, in tandem with INTEGRA pipettes, using the finest raw materials. Their design ensures that tips can be easily loaded and ejected with minimal force for a confident, stress-free user experience. The innovative sealing mechanism fits into place with positive touch and sound feedback, and provides high lateral resistance once attached to INTEGRA pipettes. This ensures that tips stay firmly connected and precisely aligned during pipetting, enabling accurate touch offs and well access while minimizing air uptake and reagent waste, even when dispensing into a 384 well plate.

Manufactured from 100 % virgin polypropylene, GRIPTIPS are compatible with all INTEGRA pipetting solutions, from the single channel EVOLVE manual pipette to the VIAFLO 384 electronic pipette. They are also suitable for a variety of applications, with options including filtered, sterile, short, long, low retention and wide bore tips. In addition, INTEGRA’s ECO racks and GREEN CHOICE packaging options help to reduce plastic usage by more than 60 %, contributing to global sustainability goals.

Watch the new video to find out more about GRIPTIPS and how they can benefit your laboratory workflow or use the Request Information button to contact the supplier.

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Date Published: 9th December 2022

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