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17th February 2022  Content supplied by: INTEGRA Biosciences AG

INTEGRA Offers Tips and Tricks to Solve Your Pipetting Challenges

INTEGRA Biosciences has created a series of videos to help life sciences researchers improve pipetting accuracy and precision. Distilling decades of combined experience into easy-to-follow guides, these videos are designed to help researchers understand when and how to use both manual and electronic pipettes, as well as covering techniques for pre-wetting, ‘problem liquids’ and basic pipette maintenance.

Correct liquid handling techniques ensure consistently high reproducibility and reliability, yet some researchers still have bad habits that lead to inconsistencies, even if protocols are performed the same way every time. While the emphasis of quality assurance measures has typically been on pipette calibration, repair and maintenance, ensuring consistent pipetting technique is just as pivotal to the efficiency of workflows and the success of projects.

This new video series highlights the factors operators need to consider to ensure results are not affected by common liquid handling errors. For example, when and where to use manual or electronic pipettes, how and when to properly pre-wet pipette tips to reduce liquid loss, the importance of maintaining a consistent pipetting angle during each aspiration, as well as when these rules don’t apply! The series also covers regular maintenance – another key factor to ensure the highest accuracy and precision for the lifespan of your pipette – including how to store when not in use, regular cleaning practices, leak testing and calibrations.

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Date Published: 17th February 2022

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