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28th March 2022  Content supplied by: Puritan Medical Products Company

In Today's World of Short Supply, Product Safety is Top Priority

We know every successful producer and manufacturer is dedicated to product safety. They minimize loss of raw materials and finished goods through effective monitoring for microbial testing. Today more than ever, with rising materials costs and short supply, your monitoring program needs to be at top performance. With a well-trained and committed staff you are halfway there. Put the tools they need in their hands. Whether your operation is in dairy, snack foods, or even space travel, in the search for any and every microbial contaminant you will find a range of specimen collection devices available. Wipes are suited to very large areas, while swabs are the tool needed for tight spaces. The range of swabs available is quite broad, and Puritan has a variety of swab and transport tube options, including EnviroMax®, EnviroMax Plus® and Puritan ESK®:

  • Synthetic fiber tip swabs are economical, absorbent and user friendly. Simple and straightforward, yet reliable. 
  • Foam swabs are available in a range of tip sizes and shapes—with some available pre-saturated to facilitate collection. Select a large tip or longer handled swab for those hard-to-reach areas around, under or behind equipment. 
  • Transport media devices collect and protect specimens captured from surfaces, spaces and niches assuring sample integrity en route to the lab. Puritan ESK® features a 3" polyester tipped swab in a secure vial available in two fill volumes (4ml and 10ml) and various media options: Neutralizing Buffer, Letheen Broth, Buffered Peptone Water, Butterfield's Solution. 

Protect your business and your customers—important now more than ever. Choose Puritan®. Always US made.

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Date Published: 28th March 2022

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