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26th September 2023  Content supplied by: NecstGen

Improved Viral Vectors Through the Application of Premium 2G UNic™ Technology

NecstGen, a non-profit CDMO and ProteoNic, a leading provider of premium vector technology and services for efficient production of biologics, announce the successful development of improved lentiviral (LV) vectors, driving higher titers of functional viral particles based on the application of ProteoNic’s 2G UNic™ premium vector technology.

Both companies, located on the Leiden Bio Science Park, recognise the need to increase viral titres and optimise production processes. Manufacturing yields and cost-efficiency play a critical role in the feasibility of vector-based therapies. Through their combined efforts ProteoNic and NecstGen have achieved up to 5-fold higher functional LV titers, with significant potential impact on overall process efficiency.

Frank Pieper, CEO of ProteoNic, commented “We are excited to see our collaboration with NecstGen achieving this important milestone. We will continue our efforts aimed at improving AAV and LV vectors, catering to both transient production systems and stable viral producer cell lines”.

Paul Bilars CEO, NecstGen, said “These significant results show the strength and importance of our local ecosystem, and highlight how collectively we can address the challenges of Cell and Gene Therapy development and their translation to solutions for patients and society”.

Through their combined efforts ProteoNic and NecstGen aim to improve and advance AAV and LV viral vector manufacturing technology and increase production capacity as well as payload expression in target tissues, to the ultimate benefit of patients in need of Cell and Gene Therapies.

The companies aim to make the improved technology broadly accessible. ProteoNic will offer licensing and co-development opportunities, while NecstGen plans to apply the technology in its CDMO business.



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Date Published: 26th September 2023

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