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18th January 2017  Content supplied by: Mast Group Ltd

IMMUNOCATCH™ Norovirus Detection in 3 Simple Steps

IMMUNOCATCH™ Norovirus is a lateral flow device, offering an easy to use, cost effective assay for the detection of Norovirus in faecal samples, with results in 15 minutes.

In addition, Immunocatch™ Norovirus also offers a range of unique benefits that further simplifies laboratory handling, providing a convenient solution for outbreak situations and out of hours testing.

Simple 3-step process:

  • Eliminates sample extraction and preparation - no lysis required
  • No pipette needed
  • Effortless dispensing using the convenient sample dropper provided
  • Detects GI and GII variants
  • Detects new Asian GII 17 strain, with a limited sensitivity
  • Ideally suited for laboratories with limited molecular capability and also for use ‘on-call’ or at weekends


Rapid Norovirus Detectino for Outbreaks

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Date Published: 18th January 2017

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