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5th November 2018  Content supplied by: Coris BioConcept

Identify OXA-48-like, OXA-163, KPC, NDM and VIM Carbapenemases from Cultures

RESIST-5 O.O.K.N.V. from Coris BioConcept is a new immunochromatography test, made of two cassettes, that allows the identification of OXA-48-like, OXA-163, KPC, NDM and VIM  carbapenemase phenotypes from cultures, with results in 15 minutes!

Features and Benefits Include:

  • 1 unique test to detect the 5 main clinically-relevant carbapenemases
  • No equipment required
  • Easy and ready to use
  • Shortest Time-To-Result
  • Adopted by many laboratories and reference centers
  • CE Marked

Detect 5 carbapenemase phenotypes with immunoassay

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Note: This product is not authorised for clinical use in the United States of America

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Date Published: 5th November 2018

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