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7th November 2019  Content supplied by: NCIMB Ltd

Identify and Understand the Microbiome with NCIMB

Scientists are only just beginning to understand the full importance of microbial communities to human health, but we now know that changes to the human microbiome can have a dramatic and sometimes devastating effect. For example, recent research has associated changes in human gut bacteria with a number of conditions including obesity and recurrent infection.

The microbiome is comprised of a complex community of microbes, many of which will not grow under laboratory conditions. Consequently, gaining a comprehensive and accurate understanding of the microbiome using traditional growth-requiring microbiology techniques was extremely challenging. However, recent developments in sequencing technology have paved the way to gaining a game-changing insight into the microbial diversity within all kinds of environmental niches, including not only the human gut but also water, soil, manufacturing facilities, animal feed, fermenters, and bioreactors.

At NCIMB, we offer a range of next-generation sequencing and bioinformatics services for microbiome and bacterial community analysis that allow you to identify and understand the full population present within a microbiome sample. Whether you need to quickly understand taxonomic makeup and distribution or require a full interrogation of the underlying genes and pathways within the microbiome, our next-generation sequencing and metagenomics services can help you reach your goals.

At NCIMB, we can use the latest next-generation sequencing and metagenomics approaches to help you to:

  • Understand taxonomic make-up
  • Monitor changes in the microbiome
  • Interrogate genes and metabolic pathways within the whole microbial population
  • Undertake food chain monitoring
  • Understand terroir of food production, e.g. how the soil microbiome can impact on the quality of food and drink.

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Date Published: 7th November 2019

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