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19th April 2021  Content supplied by: Merck

How to Raise Lab Productivity in Bioburden Testing

Bioburden testing determines the level of microorganisms present in raw materials and water used for production, medical devices, or finished products in order to ensure product safety. The increasing need for microbial quality control testing requires labs to speed up their processes. A common method for bioburden testing is membrane filtration using a manifold. It is widely used but can be labor-intensive.

Are you using the right bioburden testing equipment?

If you need to raise your bioburden testing throughput, an advanced system from Merck can speed up your workflow. The new Milliflex Oasis® system offers a high throughput and less time spent on decontamination (no need for autoclaving) and maintenance. Up to 3 filtration pumps can be connected and started simultaneously with a single push of a button. In addition, its unique touch-free membrane transfer to the media drastically reduces the risk of false-positives thus saving investigation time.

Calculate your potential savings

The Milliflex Oasis® system has been designed to increase lab productivity.
Calculate your potential time and labor cost savings if you switch from the manifold filtration method to the new Milliflex Oasis® system - download the productivity check tool and enter your current values.

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Date Published: 19th April 2021

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