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22nd January 2024  Content supplied by: bioMérieux (Pharma Quality Control)

How to Implement Single Temperature Incubation in Your EM Routine?

An Environmental Monitoring program must rapidly detect deviations from established alert/action limits that can compromise the facility’s state of control. The trend analysis highly depends on the methodology used to recover environmental microorganisms: this includes the type of culture media, but also the incubation time and temperature to grow the stressed clean rooms organisms.

A collaborative study evaluated the impact on the recovery, the morphology, and the behavior of representative microorganisms of the incubation temperature and how dual temperature can be replaced by single temperature incubation.

Watch the expert webinar below:

Key learnings:

  • Explore the regulations and current industry practices.
  • Understand the challenges of moving from dual to single incubation temperature.
  • Learn from the evaluation of a large panel of representative microorganisms at different temperatures.
  • Discover automation for incubation and reading of Petri dishes and how it could improve productivity.

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Date Published: 22nd January 2024

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