How It Works Guide: Safety Bunsen Burner

Safety Bunsen Burner for Microbiology Labs

INTEGRA has created an informative ‘How-It-Works’ guide and a short, simple and engaging ‘SimpleShow’ format video to explain the operation and safety features of their FIREBOY Safety Bunsen Burner.

The ‘How-It-Works’ guide has been written to enable you to better understand how a Safety Bunsen Burner works. Watching the simple, concise and funny explainer video you will learn about how the FIREBOY Safety Bunsen Burner ensures high safety by eliminating the risk of gas leaking and explosion inherent in using alcohol burners, gas cookers and traditional Bunsen burners.

To download the How-It-Works guide and learn more about the FIREBOY please visit

To watch the video visit

Tags: Lab safety

Date Published: September 30, 2015

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