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13th September 2018  Content supplied by: Romer Labs Diagnostic GmbH

How do You Test for Allergens in Processed Foods?

As the prevalence of food allergies grows worldwide, so does the need for more and more people to observe a strict, allergen-free diet.

Yet testing for food allergens comes with its challenges. Food producers routinely deal with a diverse variety of ingredients, which are subject to preparation and processing in several possible ways.

In this issue of Spot On, Adrian Rogers of Romer Labs investigates some new methods for testing processed foods. We also take a look at the practical aspects of one of the most essential elements of allergen management programs: cleaning procedures.

In this Issue:

  • Detecting allergens in processed foods
  • The potential of incurred reference materials
  • 10 steps to validating allergen cleaning programs

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Date Published: 13th September 2018

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