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27th October 2014  Content supplied by: Genalyte

High Volume Testing Platform for Ebola Testing

San Diego based diagnostic laboratory start-up Genalyte has developed a diagnostic test capable of detecting the presence of Ebola in the blood in the early stages of the virus. Genalyte’s test has significantly outperformed other rapid tests currently available in terms of speed, accuracy, testing volume and cost, providing the most effective and efficient means to detect the virus, treat patients, and save lives.

The Genalyte test is performed on the company’s commercially available multiplexing platform, the Maverick Detection System , which uses silicon photonics technology to read proteins binding to the sensor in real-time. A single drop of blood from a finger prick can give results in as little as 10 minutes. Genalyte’s a new platform for testing fills a key gap in the diagnostics market—offering the high accuracy and sensitivity of gold standard testing mechanisms, with the diagnostic speed, high volume testing capacity, and low cost of other rapid tests. Additionally, Genalyte’s technology, which can process as many as 100 tests per hour, can be deployed to hospitals and airports as well as to the front lines in West Africa, where many victims are currently not being tested.

“We are committed to working with the FDA, CDC, policymakers and health organizations to expedite the necessary protocols and distribute our tests to all who need it,” said Genalyte Founder and CEO Cary Gunn. “With FDA authorization, our Genalyte team can deploy tests immediately to help detect the virus sooner, stop the spread of the disease, and facilitate more timely treatment of those infected.” Genalyte sets itself apart from other tests under evaluation in four key ways:

Know Sooner, Faster: Genalyte is built for the highly sensitive detection of Ebola virus antigens and IgM and IgG antibodies against Ebola. This enables the detection of Ebola virus at an early stage. The test takes approximately 10minutes, which allows for rapid results and immediate treatment for all those who test positive.

More Accurate, Higher Sensitivity Rapid Testing: Genalyte’s test has outperformed other rapid tests on the market, demonstrating better accuracy and higher sensitivity (including the ELISA test and lateral flow technology testing). In combination, these factors should allow for the detection of the Ebola virus in the blood days earlier than any current test.

Faster Screening: Able to process nearly 100 people per hour, Genalyte’s testing enables rapid screening of large groups of people (such as medical staff, or passengers on a plane) at one time. Genalyte offers higher volume, rapid testing technology like none other.

Technology ready today: Genalyte’s testing platform is commercially available today, and validation of the Ebola tests is only weeks away. We can make a difference in the near future where it counts most.

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Date Published: 27th October 2014

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