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2nd December 2016  Content supplied by: ATCC

GFP-labeled Leishmania for Drug Discovery and Development

Leishmaniasis is a vector-borne disease that is transmitted by the bite of infected phlebotomine sandflies. This disease is caused by over 20 different Leishmania species, and is estimated to globally affect 1.3 million individuals annually, resulting in 30,000 deaths1.

Currently, chemotherapeutic treatment of leishmaniasis is considerably toxic and largely dependent on disease manifestation, protozoan species, and concomitant infection1. Further, differences between Leishmania species and strains can contribute to variations in drug susceptibility, making treatment and the development of novel therapeutics challenging2.

To aid in the development of novel treatments, ATCC recently acquired four transgenic Leishmania species that constitutively express GFP. These strains were developed by Patel et al. via integration of the pRib1.2αNEOαGFP construct downstream of the 18S rRNA promoter. Each strain was then evaluated by the group for growth and the ability to infect host cells2.

ATCC® No.SpeciesDesignationIsolation
PRA-416™Leishmania mexicanaMNYC/BZ/62/M379 GFPTransfected with GFP. Originally isolated from a Sumichrast's vesper rat, Cayo District, Belize, 1962.
PRA-417™Leishmania aethiopicaMHOM/ET/72/L100 GFPTransfected with GFP. Originally isolated from a human, Ethiopia, 1972.
PRA-418™Leishmania tropicaMHOM/SU/58/OD GFPTransfected with GFP. Originally isolated from a human, Turkestan, former Soviet Union, 1958.
PRA-419™Leishmania majorMHOM/SU/73/5ASKH GFPTransfected with GFP. Originally isolated from a human, Askhabad, Turkmenskaya, former Soviet Union, 1973.


These transgenic strains represent ready-to-use tools for the in vitro evaluation of novel therapeutics, and provide a model for understanding Leishmania pathogenesis.

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References 1. "Leishmaniasis." World Health Organization. World Health Organization, Sept. 2016. Web. 14 Nov. 2016. 2. Patel AP, et al. Development and validation of four Leishmania species constitutively expressing GFP protein. A model for drug discovery and disease pathogenesis studies. Parasitology 141: 501-510, 2014.

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Date Published: 2nd December 2016

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