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7th June 2022  Content supplied by: Genetic PCR Solutions

Genetic PCR Solutions™ Launches qPCR Kit for Detection of Monkeypox Virus

Spanish based Genetic PCR Solutions™ (GPS™), has recently introduced a qPCR kit for the rapid molecular detection of Monkeypox virus the causative agent of monkeypox disease, which has been detected in Spain and other countries such as the United Kingdom, Portugal, Italy, Sweden, France, Belgium, Germany, Canada, and USA.

The GPS™ technical team has completed the design and development work on this kit, which began as a priority when it received confirmation of the news from the Instituto de Salud Carlos III.

GPS™ laboratories are validating its development following strict recommendations of international standards and, in parallel, it is being tested in hospitals with real and reference samples. Currently the kit is already available and has been served to clinic laboratories and hospitals.

This new diagnostic kit GPS™, once again, shows the innovative character and the agility to develop precision PCR assays for the control of epidemic outbreaks that threaten global health. In 2016, generated the first genetic kit for the detection of the Zika virus and in January 2020 it was one of the first companies worldwide to develop efficiently the kit for the detection of SARS-CoV-2, which causes CoVID-19.




Date Published: 7th June 2022

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