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5th February 2020  Content supplied by: Genetic PCR Solutions

First 2019-nCoVqPCR Kit Commercially Available

An outbreak of pneumonia, epidemiologically linked to the Huanan Seafood Wholesale Market in Wuhan, was notified to WHO on 31-Dec-2019 by the Chinese Health Authorities. SARS-CoV, MERS-CoV, avian influenza, influenza and similar viruses were ruled out.

Chinese scientists were able to isolate a novel coronavirus, named 2019-nCoV by, the WHO, on 7-Jan-2020 and a first genome was provided.  The 2019-nCoVis a β-CoV of group 2B with at least 70% similarity in genetic sequence to SARS-CoV.

A week later, scientists from Germany, Hong Kong, and China (CDC) developed two monoplex PCR protocols (ORF1ab and N gene) designed to detect 2019-nCoV. Because only a single genome was available, the assays are also reactive to SARS-CoV and bat SARS-like coronavirus.

As of 19-Jan-2020, 13 other genome sequences from 6 different labs were released on to GISAID. Our laboratory, Genetic PCR Solutions™ (GPS™), analysed the set of data and designed primers and probe fully specific for this new coronavirus. The real time PCR (qPCR) was adapted to our innovative MONODOSE format, single PCR reactions tubes contain all reagents (dehydrated) to which only sample needs to be added.

To our knowledge, launched at the end of January, this is the first 2019-nCoVqPCR kit commercially available. On the 5th of February, GPS™ laboratories have added another qPCR test to specifically detect SARS coronavirus only, which serves to discriminate the new outbreak from previous related SARS

To learn more about GPS™ format advantages, please click: 2019-nCoV MONODOSE qPCR kit

Watch YouTube Video below on how to set up the GPS MONODOSE dtec-qPCR Test



Date Published: 5th February 2020

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