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21st May 2019  Content supplied by: Biosynth AG

Fine Chemical Companies Biosynth and Carbosynth Merge

Biosynth and Carbosynth have announced their merger as a major step in consolidating their positions as leading suppliers in the fine chemical market, where mergers and acquisitions amongst the customer base of both companies have been a regular part of the landscape.

Both companies have diverse expertise in organic synthesis and different focuses in their product portfolio of bio-chemicals. Carbosynth is a leader in carbohydrate chemistry, while Biosynth has a wealth of experience with enzyme substrates and has recently attracted much attention with a number of novel chemiluminescence-based compounds. The new company, Biosynth-Carbosynth will benefit from having highly skilled employees across the globe and allow an even more rapid response time for customer enquiries and technical support.





Date Published: 21st May 2019

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